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Monday, December 20, 2010

Blogspot Templates

If you want to earn money from blog. That mean you use blogspot to earn money. You should concentrate to increase visitor. To increase visitor you should make your website attractive so that the visitor will come back again and again.
So how will you attract the visitor. The main beauty of the website is the Template. If you use nice Blogspot template , you can attract more visitor. And finally you can get lots of traffic. Then you can earn money from advertising like adsense,bidvertiser etc.
So I will recommend you to use Free Blogspot Templates.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Steps to success

All the people who want to earn money using website have to follow some tips to get success rapidly. All we create website and invite our friends and relatives to visit the but these amount of visitors is not sufficient to get success rapidly.
To get success rapidly the contents of your website should be unique and informative and helpful to the visitors.
Another most important is you should submit your website or blog in various directory. There are several directory where you can submit you blog.
The blog review
is one of the good site for you. You can submit your website to
blog directory . They will review your site and you will get traffics from this site.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Earn Online Money

There are several way to make money online. Some are PTC that mean you will paid to click. Some are PTR that mean you will paid to read. In these type you have to read the several websites that are given by PTR providers.Some people want to make their own PTC site. It is easy to get your own PTC.
If you want to create your own PTC or PTR sites. Then you can visit Visit

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to collect money from Internet?

If you are a regular internet user and want earn money. And also doing some task related to earning. Then how will you collect money directly from internet.
To do so you need credit card. But now a days using credit through internet is dangerous for user. Because there are several hacker who will hack your credit card. So what to do??
Will you stop earning from internet??
No! !
I am not saying to stop earning. There are several media who will transfer your money to your bank or local area through DHL, Curier etc.
Some reliable website media for online money transfer.

1. Paypal : It is more secure and reliable for user. To create an account in paypal you just need a bank account or credit card (here you can give little details of your credit card to paypal). When you earn money from other website which support paypal, then you can directly transfer your money to your paypal account. Paypal will cut some ammount of money , approximately 3-4$ . If you give your bank account link to paypal, then you can directly transfer your money from paypal to your bank account.
N:B: All the countries of the world do not allow paypal.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

What will you do ?? If you can not register for paypal account from your country??
Don't upset here is another media which might allow your country. And it is Alert Pay.

2. Alert Pay : It is also like paypal account. But it support maximum countries. It's varification is also easy. If you created an starter(basic) account you just need to varify your account by uploading your two document.
a) You ID card b) Phone bill
N:B: Maximum PTC (paid through click) site allow Alert Pay.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

How to avoid google adsense termination?

Never set your website as a homepage in the browser of your own computer from where you register for adsense.
Because if anybody like your friends or your family member open your browser and get your website as homepage , then they will browse your website even may click on the advertisement provided by adsense. It may cause your account disabled.